Department of Urology and Nephrology

Department of Urology :

Led by Dr. Nerli,HOD Dept of urology, KLES Hospital Belgaum.

  • All types of urological endoscopic surgeries are done here like-
  • 1. Urethrocycstoscopy- visualization of urethra, urinary bladder.
    2. Ureterorenoscopy- visualization & removal of stones from ureter.
    3. TURP- removal of enlarged prostate.
    4.  TURBT- removal of bladder tumour. Etc.

    • Treatment and consultation for male infertility and sexual dysfunction.
    • Lithotripsy services (ESWL) - to break kidney stones without surgery by using electromagnetic waves.

    • Department of Nephrology :

      Led by Renowned nepherologist Dr. lengde

      A hi tech nephrology unit with 5 dialysis machines